Cab Counselor

Repair relationships by giving sensible advice to your taxi passengers.

How to Play

Couples who are having a hard time hire you, Cab Counselor, for advice! It's up to you to deduce the root problem in their relationship and offer a corresponding solution.

Hover over each passenger. They will tell you some things about their partner. One trait from each of them will be incompatible with each other. Identify these two traits and suggest a course of action to resolve the conflict.

If you choose the right solution, the relationship is repaired! The couples will let you know how you did by leaving a review on your phone. How many couples can you help go the distance?

Game Jam Info

This game was created in under 48 hours for the Global Game Jam. The theme was "Repair". We focused on two ideas: repairing relationships, and the fact that repairing doesn't always mean going back to the way things used to be.

Global Game Jam always has a number of optional challenges. We completed one:

Native Sound — You can hear music inspired by ragtime and hip-hop on the radio

Change Log

This site hosts the most up to date version of the game, including the following post-jam updates. The jam version of the game can be downloaded below.

v1.3 - 2020.02.03

  • Tweak graphics
  • Add custom cursor
  • Add hint during tutorial
  • Tweak some puzzles to be more straightforward
  • Add some music scripting
  • Add sound effects for passenger swapping

v1.4 - 2020.02.04

  • Add taxi animation to opening screen
  • Increase volume of opening screen taxi sound
  • Add bubble sounds
  • Add sound queues at the beginning and end of the timer

v1.5 - 2020.02.22

  • Add steering wheel animation. This was created during the jam but we forgot to hook it up.


Blake Tupman — Character design and illustration
Brandon Quinn — Programming, writing, animation
Kylie Briggs — Music and FX
Luka Hodgson — Background design and illustration
Ryan Hansen — Programming and animation

Authorsmadbarron, aboogoost
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 22 MB
Download 22 MB


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